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Anchor Danly is the official supplier of Danly, Lamina, IEM & Lempco components.

We are the Exclusive Distributor in Canada and are the authorized Supplier of Choice in many US states.

Supplier of Danly IEM Lamina Lempco

All Die & Mold Components

Anchor Danly distributes a wide selection of die and mold components.

Our lines of specialty components are used for building complex dies, molds, tooling and fixtures. Anchor Danly is proud to distribute Lamina, Danly, IEM, and Lempco brands. Components are available through Anchor Danly’s North American and European locations.

Anchor Danly provides technical support for all our distributed components for tool, die, mold and machine applications.

Product lines

  • NEW! Guided Retainers
  • Pins and Bushings
  • Guide and Wear Components
  • Die Cams
  • Die Springs and Pressure Control Devices
  • Accu-Bend™ Rotary Benders
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Lamina Hydraulics

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Featured Brands

  • Danly IEM
  • Lempco
  • Lamina
  • IEM
  • Kaller
  • Lamina Hydraulics

A complete line of Lamina and Danly guiding elements including ball bearing, plain bearing and self-lubricating styles provide a reliable, precise guiding system for die sets, molds and custom machinery. To allow for the most flexibility in tool design, components are available in press fit, demountable and removable styles and various profiles including short, standard and long shoulder. A low cost alternative ball bearing component assembly is also now available. LEMPCO Ball Cages with improved orbital staking enhance overall operational life cycle performance of the product. LEMPCOLOY® — a unique bearing material with exceptional wear resistance — is also available.

Designed to outrun the life of the tool, Lamina and Danly wear products are a good choice for designers looking for a reliable, trouble free product. The comprehensive product line includes wear plates, strips, gibs, guide blocks, keepers and dwells. These wear products are manufactured from high strength aluminum bronze material and include oil impregnated graphite plugs to provide self-lubricating, maintenance-free production. Highly specified for dies, molds and special machines, Lamina and Danly self-lubricating wear products eliminate maintenance down time and bulky external lubrication systems.

Leaders in the development of the standardized cam market, Lamina LamCam and IEM cams provide die designers a wide range of styles and sizes of cams to fit many applications. Long stroke, narrow width or low profile, our cams are made to work in spaces only in-house cam slides historically were used. You will find tonnage ratings of half a ton to 50 ton capacity fill most needs with additional working capacity to spare. Die cams are designed to work horizontally and at angles up to 75 degrees while saving die builders over 50% the cost of designing and building their own cam slide. Heavy-duty die cams meet or exceed all the NAAMS cam specifications.

Anchor Danly offers a wide range of springs and pressure control devices for dies, molds and machines.

  • Danly IEM DieMax XL Die Springs
  • Associated Spring Utility Springs
  • Schnorr Disc Springs
  • Lamina and Lempco DieMax L Die Springs
  • Kaller gas springs
  • Firestone Marsh Mellow® Die Springs
  • Formathane® Urethane
  • Danly JIS Springs

Accu-Bend Rotary Bending units include a tool steel Rocker in a Steel saddle with a graphite plugged aluminum-bronze liner. Available in standard metric and inch sizes and with rocker diameters of 20mm to115mm (0.75 inch to 4.5 inch) and lengths of 50mm to 900mm (2.0 inches to 35.0 inches), these units transfer the vertical motion of the press into a smooth one-motion rotation. The smooth rotation provides a rotary bend process which requires less tonnage and less strain on the material and can also include optional pre-configured mounting hole patterns. Specials can be manufactured for your custom needs as well. The Accu-Bend™ is versatile enough to be used in press brakes, forming stations, air presses or progressive die sets at speeds up to 250 spm.

In-Die Tapping has been around for over 40 years, originating with die builders designing Yankee screwdriver tapping tools and chain drive systems. Although crude looking and large, they got the job done saving the high costs of secondary tapping operations. In the past 10 years, the Danly line has refined the in-die tapping process and developed a set of tools with standardized components to create Off-the-Shelf tapping tools for progressive dies. This style tool is the preferred style by die designers and stampers throughout North America because of its ability to move from one die to another as production needs arise. Available in mechanical units, the in-die tapping tools are easily incorporated into many applications and can provide threads from #0 to ½ inch (M2 -M12).

Lamina Hydraulics manufactures a durable, high-power portable hydraulic drill. By combining power and portability in a single drill, this hydraulic drilling and tapping equipment effectively functions in a broad spectrum of applications. Because of its power and versatility, our portable heavy duty hydraulic equipment is used in many industry sectors including metal stamping, nuclear power, ship building, mining, construction, oil pipelines and oil rigging. The smallest drill can fit in openings as narrow as 9¼ inches. The largest drill can step drill up to 4 inch diameter holes. The hydraulic units are available with your choice of 3-phase voltage rating.

The Electronic Die Setter and Hydraulic Die Separator are used to separate stamping dies. The Die Setter is available with 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders for a lift capacity of 30 or 45 tons respectively. The units can also act as a synchronous jacking system.

High power and compact in design, hydraulic motors are also available in six sizes with different torques, ranging from 0 to 656 in-lbs and speeds from 0 to 2255 rpm.