Blanchard Ground Table Tops

Blanchard grinding is a cost-effective finishing technique and has been used across the automation industry as an industry standard finish. One of the key reasons that robot integrators and machine builders choose Blanchard Grinding as a table top finish is consistency of the thickness and finish, the flatness that is required in building and integrating a successful, repeatable, robust automation system as well as the clean look. The finish enables various types of paint, powder coating and black oxide to be added to the finished product.

Blanchard grinders are a vertical rotary spindle surface grinding machine that uses a magnetic chuck. The rotary finish has a cross-hatched easily recognized swirl pattern. The surface finishes to 125 rms or 3.1 microns.

Anchor Danly has one of the largest stocks of Blanchard grinding machines in North America, with over 34 machines across our locations in Windsor, Cambridge, Ithaca and Montreal.

Blanchard Ground machine table tops

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