Since 1956, Anchor Danly Fabrications, a Hidden Harbor Capital Partners, LLC portfolio Company, has been a leading manufacturer of build-to-print steel plate, automation bases and structural products, focused on our customers’ continued success.
Anchor Danly fabricaton
Our mission is to provide the highest quality products for our customers and "Turn Steel into a Partnership".
As a long-term supplier, we continue to strive for manufacturing excellence for build-to-order products. Our three main objectives: QUALITY, COST and DELIVERY are paramount for our customers. We achieve this through continued commitment to ongoing improvements by our management and employees along with our suppliers. We continuously measure our performance against our quality objectives via customer feedback and internal management systems.
Steel Fabrication
Quality Assurance
At Anchor Danly, quality assurance is a company wide commitment to our customers, suppliers and employees. Every employee is aware of how their individual efforts affect overall product quality and the service experience for our customers. The adoption and following of our partners’ quality standards are as important as following our own when delivering products.
  • ISO certified facilities
  • Robust quality standards and controls for customers
  • Higher level quality inspection documentation available, per customer request
  • All steel plate inventory is 100 percent traceable to the mill
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Certified test reports and trace ability documents are available.
  • Part tracking
Engineering Services
Anchor Danly Fabrications provides engineering services to support customer fabrication and manufacturing challenges. Our staff will team with your engineers to ensure designs can be manufactured efficiently, regardless of complexity. As manufacturing partners, we work to ensure your success. We provide you with engineering support, project management, and support for fabrication and secondary manufacturing operations.
  • Fabrication design support
  • Modularization support
  • Weld inspection
  • Specification adherence
  • Project updates
  • Standards compliance
  • Solidworks, STEP, AutoCAD, IGES, and additional model applications
  • Project updates
  • Higher level quality inspection documentation available, per customer request
  • Knowledgeable customer service and engineering experts
Logistic Support
Anchor Danly Fabrications provides you with logistics support for your manufactured parts and assemblies. As your supply chain partner, we ensure your products are tracked and monitored through our facilities to ensure your schedules are met.
  • Finished product delivered to your schedule
  • Part marking and traceability
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement of equipment and components for assembly
  • BTO fulfillment (Build-to-Order)
  • Sequencing and delivery
  • Advanced shipping notification (ASN)
  • A fleet of trucks for deliveries
  • Carriers for heavier loads
  • World wide locations
For large-scale modular fabrication, Anchor Danly Fabrications will coordinate delivery logistics to minimize onsite handling and assembly.

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