Steel Plate Supplier

Steel Inventory

The dimensional tolerances and properties of the material we specify provide optimum machining and stability. Our stocking programs of high quality steel material include:

  • Standard steels include hot rolled Type AISI A3644W, and 50W1020 mild steels
  • Carbon steel plate in thickness between 0.25 inch and 15 inches
  • Custom and standard steel plate sizes up to 120 inches x 360 inches
  • Specialty steels including 1045 and 4140 (mild and pre-hardened) 1½ inch thru 6 inches thick (12.7 mm thru 152 mm)
  • Variety of structural steel profiles, tubes and shapes

We are capable of processing steel plates with thickness ranging from 3/8 inch to 16 inches (9.5 mm to 400 mm).

Steel Plate Services & Processing

Anchor Danly offers steel plate services and processing specifically designed for large-scale steel plate requiring specialized equipment. Our capabilities range from plasma cutting to machining to stress relieving and finishing.

  • Blanchard Grinding (144 inch capacity)
  • CNC Machining
  • Stress Relieving
  • CNC Burning machines up to 120 inches x 270 inches
  • Quality control inspection
  • Steel delivery up to 46,000 lbs. capacity
Steel plate processing
Blanchard Grinding Services
Anchor Danly specializes in Blanchard grinding of low and high carbon steel plate. Our Blanchard grinding services can accommodate steel plate and metal fabrication weights up to 30,000 lbs. and a part size envelope of 120 inches x 120 inches x 60 inches height (144 inch diagonal). With thirty-four (34) Blanchard grinders, Anchor Danly has the capacity to meet your ground steel plate delivery schedule.
Blanchard Grinding on machine
Steel Plate Inventory

Order the steel plate you need for the job. Anchor Danly stocks plain carbon and specialty tool steels used by tool, die and mold makers. All steel is supplied cut and finished to your specifications.

As a steel plate supplier, we maintain over 4,000 tons of steel plate inventory to meet your service requirements. Steel plate thickness from 0.25 inch to 15 inches with plate sizes available up to 120 inches x 360 inches are in stock. Standard steels include hot rolled Type AISI A36, 44W, and 50W 1020 mild steels and specialty steels including 1045 and 4140 (mild and pre-hardened).

Steel Plate inventory in Windsor
Steel Plate Products

Anchor Danly is committed to providing you with value added Steel Plate products and services at competitive prices and on-time deliveries. Bolster plates, adapter plates and other specialty machined steel plates for tooling are available. Blanchard grinding, CNC machining, flame cutting and stress relieving are available as required.

  • Bolster plates
  • Die Set sub plates
  • Mold Base sub plates
  • Adapter plates
  • Quick Die Change (QDC) Plate
  • Steel plate kits
Steel plate products
Bolster Plate
Bolster plates for open back inclinable, horning and gap frame and large press bolsters are manufactured to customer specifications. Bolsters for presses in these categories are built from steel. Furnish a drawing and we can cut, drill, grind, mill, bore, ream and tap. Stress relieving, heat treating and shot blasting services are also available.
Bolster plate