Machinist Working on Ejector Box Assembly

Draw on Anchor Danly’s steel plate manufacturing expertise, specialty steel plate inventory and in-stock mold components for your custom ejector box assembly. Anchor Danly can build ejector box assemblies measuring up to 138 inches x 360 inches (3500 mm x 9000 mm). Turn-around time for custom manufacturing is approximately two to six weeks depending on size and complexity.

Your ejector box assembly would be delivered to your exact specifications, save setup time and time on machining centers with large capacity machining envelopes.

Fully automated mold ejector plate machining
Delivered to your exact specifications
Anchor Danly’s in-house steel plate inventory
Steel and components in stock
Machining capacity up to 138 inches x 360 inches (3500 mm x 9000 mm)
Specialized manufacturing experience


Free up your machine capacity
Dedicate capacity for core and cavity machining
Save setup time
Save time on machining centers with large capacity machining envelopes
Eliminate setup errors
Assembly-ready ejector box assembly
Your choice of steel
Extended Ejector plates (push plates) available

For more information about our steel plate capabilities for manufacturing your ejector box assemblies, please see the Metal Plate Capability flyer.

Take advantage of Anchor Danly’s specialized steel and steel plate services. Have Anchor Danly supply your next mold ejector box assembly.

Send or upload your CAD drawings online for a quotation. Or contact us directly by email or telephone. We have a 24-hour turnaround on all ejector box assembly quotations.